Configuring Amazone Balance (moving seat)

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Seating angle

The adjustable Balance mechanism promotes active sitting. The user moves the weight then 'moves along the saddle making, as it were' teetering 'on the seat. Back muscles are trained and strengthened. The action is set in a more or less complete mobility so desired.
Balance Adjustable

Arm rest

360° rotatable armrest/backrest that is easy to move out of the way. For supporting one or both arms, can also be used as a back support. Please note: the 360° Support arm/backrest is an accessory for the basic models Score Saddle Line and Medical Line stools. The 360° support is mounted to the gas lift. Be aware that the height adjustment is limited. Always be aware for tiling risks when seated on a saddle or stool. We advise a Ø 68 cm base in combination with a 360° Support.
360° Support, rotatable back/ armrest

Floor contacts

Suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft Swivel castors
ø 65 mm

Suitable for carpets
Hard Swivel castors
ø 65 mm

Trumpet glides
Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded


Leatherette resembles natural leather, and feels like that. The leatherette of Score is a PVC coated cotton jersey with a microporous structure, which practically does not absorb moisture and is almost impervious.
Hi-Quality medical PVC. Anti-microbial, Fire resistant DIN 53438, Urine-, blood-, sweat-, mould and waterproof. ISO 14001.

Trevira Bicolor


Height adjustment by foot


Aluminium base ∅ 54 cm

Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 50 cm

Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 60 cm

Aluminium base ∅ 68 cm

Aluminium base, black ∅ 68 cm

Footring ∅ 45 cm

Height adjustment

Hoogteverstelling 57-76 cm
Work surface height 80-90 cm
Hoogteverstelling 49-63 cm
Work surface height 70-80 cm
Hoogteverstelling 63-88 cm
Work surface height 90-100 cm


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Amazone Balance (moving seat)

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