Spirit 1502 Cleanroom

The Spirit 1502 Cleanroom features a polyurethane (PU SP) seat and backrest which will not disperse and/or attract any dust particles. PU is resistant to various chemicals and easy to clean. Features a height adjustable footring.

  • Height adjustment 58-83 cm
  • Work surface Height 90-100 cm
  • Aluminium base ø 60 cm
  • Adjustable footring ø 45 cm
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When working in a cleanroom, it is of the utmost importance to have and keep the room free of dust particles. Score chairs have been tested by the Fraunhofer Institute and comply with the directive DIN EN ISO 14644_1, ISO class 4 (Class 10 according to the US Federal Standard 209E). These chairs are available in ESD leatherette or polyurethane, which will not disperse or attract dust particles. If necessary, the Score chairs can be equipped with a Hepa filter. This filter ensures that, when you sit down or move on the chair, the dispersed air is always filtered and no dust particles will be released in the room.

Options and extensions

Standard model and adjustments
Back height and back angle adjustment
Fixed seat angle
Options without surcharge

Trumpet glides ESD
ESD castors suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft swivel castors ESD
ESD Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded ESD

Aluminium base ∅ 60 cm


Class 10/ISO class 4 tested by het Fraunhofer Institute

Gaslift height adjustment
Options with surcharge
The seat has an adjustable seatingangle
Adjustable seat angle
Height and width adjustable suitable for ESD chairs
Armrest 5 ESD


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