Opti 2212

The Opti 2212 is a solid stool with a round gas lift just below the seat. The seat can be furnished with Beech, PU (polyurethane) or Stamskin. All are easy to clean. Additionally, polyurethane is resistant to various chemical substances and Stamskin has antibacterial properties and is also resistant to urine, blood, sweat and mildew and is water repellent. To support your feet, the Opti 2212 features a footring that is adjustable in height. Equipped with an aluminium base that is 70 cm in diameter.

  • Height adjustment 58-83 cm
  • Work surface Height 90-100 cm
  • Adjustable footring ø 54 cm
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Stools Opti/Pico Line

The stools are provided with an aluminium base. Opti 2200 has a 50 cm base and models Opti 2210 and 2212 are provided with a 68 cm base. Opti 2210 and 2212 (the tallest model) are provided with an adjustable footring for optimal foot support. Model Opti 2204 has a fixed footring. All models are easy to adjust using a ring-shaped, gaslift height control underneath the seat so you can't miss it. The stools are available with a birch wood, polyurethane or Stamskin fabric seat. The Pico is an excellent chair for the kindergarten teacher that can sit on the same height as the child.

Options and extensions

Standard model and adjustments
Suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft Swivel castors
ø 65 mm

Aluminium base, black ∅ 68 cm


Ring shaped gaslift

Seat ø 35 cm
Options without surcharge
Suitable for carpets
Hard Swivel castors
ø 50 mm

Trumpet glides
Options with surcharge
Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded
Mooie bekleding, test omschrijving
Materiaal 100 % wol

Hi-Quality medical PVC. Anti-microbial, Fire resistant DIN 53438, Urine-, blood-, sweat-, mould and waterproof. ISO 14001.

Grey D04

Antracite D05

Black D09

Red D17

Blue black D81

Blue D87

Gray W04

Antracite W05

Black W09

Red W17

Bordeaux W19

Brown W61

Bright green W81

Purple W84

Bright blue W85

Dark blue W88

No specific colors available in this material


No specific colors available in this material


Bright green K81

Bright red K87
Turquoise K184
Turquoise K184

Light blue K80

Dark blue K89

Antracite K85
Gray K195

Black K05

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