Score's look back 2017


2017, the year that Score celebrated her 40th birthday, was a great year for us. Thanks also to your efforts, we realised more than 12% growth. Which we really like to thank you for.

The greatest growth was realized with medical and dental furniture and of course the Score saddle chairs. 

An increasing number of the saddle stools is sold with an adjustable Balance mechanism.  The "sitting  is the new smoking" discussion also helps with that.

ErgoXS, Score's sister company, which manufactures and markets large display mounting systems, even grew by 230% to a millions company. For the assortment  may also find something for your customers.

Export: Made in Holland
This does not in any way mean that we now sit back, no, we are continuing to thrive on growth, both in the Netherlands and abroad, because more than half of our turnover goes across borders today, even into China. "Made in Holland" is doing well there.

2018 continuing growth through focus
In order to work with even more focus, and to provide you as our dealers with better advice and products, we have introduced Product Management for 3 Product-market combinations, namely:

• Medical

• Dental

• Industry & office

With this we have given you a small preview for 2018. For more information you can contact  our Score team or call +31 594 554000.

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