Dilemma: we sit too much


We sit too much, that is a fact. But is standing while working healthy? Score about the dilemma of sitting too much!

We sit too much. In the media, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, the RIVM, warns that we should get more exercise . Walk to the coffee machine and to the printer more to avoid sitting for long periods. Of course the real solution is not drinking more coffee or printing more, but sitting in another way. "Buyers, ergonomists, safety, health and welfare experts and managers are constantly being confronted by the subject of healthy working conditions for good reason”, says Henk Nauta, CEO of Score. "We have been making workspace solutions centred around fit employees since 1977."

Working while standing is not healthy
Over the past 40 years, Score has become a success by producing sit-stand products and chairs that fit in with workspaces in production environments. Standing for a long time and repetitive work cause physical complaints such as heavy, swollen legs, varicose veins and back and neck ache. At the time, the Dutch Health and Safety Act had to be introduced to force companies to relieve labourers during standing work. 

Sit-stand workspace trend of 2016
These days we have a different dilemma: we sit for too long. This is why there is an increasing number of height-adjustable desks, as recommended by the safety, health and welfare service. A good adjustable chair to make optimum use of the desk in low position is indispensable. For variation, an employee can also stand at the desk in high position. A good step in the right direction, but it can be even better.

Alternating between sitting and standing puts less load on the vertebra and neck muscles. To get the ideal work posture, just think of the natural position an astronaut takes in space. This is believed to be the most relaxed position, somewhere between sitting and standing.  

Sit-stand: the solution says Score
Sit to stand in combination with a high-low desk is the solution for all workspaces.

If an employee is supported by a Score saddle chair when standing, he can sit standing. This gives him a work posture with slightly spread legs and a slightly tilted pelvis. This natural position relaxes the body without too much stress on the neck, vertebra and legs. By alternating a chair and a saddle chair during (screen) work, the employee actively changes his posture. 

An extra option is equipping the saddle chair with the unique Score Balance mechanism. This enables an employee to move in all directions while sitting on the stool, because the saddle moves along with him: seated movement in optima forma, just like on a ball. Sitting on a saddle corrects posture and helps an employee sit up straight. Furthermore, the Score Balance mechanism trains the smaller muscle groups, which strengthens back and stomach muscles. 

Active sitting, or standing perhaps?
Score is happy to help you make the right decision in our high quality seating solutions based on proper personal advice, so you can seriously reduce problems in the area of sitting/standing.  Awareness and prevention are the right step towards healthier working. 

There is always a Score dealer in your area, usually with an extensive collection of showroom models. The Score dealer is familiar with industry-specific requirements. For more information on the dealer nearest to you, please contact Score via  or call +31 (0) 594-554047

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