A saddle stool that can be used for therapeutic treatment of hip osteoarthritis. Features a moving leg support which can be used to perform exercises that lubricate the hip joint. The result of following a training program under the guidance of a therapist is: a reduction in pain and an increase in the mobility of the hip joint, with the goal of postponing hip replacement surgery as long as possible.

  • Height adjustment 62-87 cm
  • Work surface Height 90-100 cm
  • Soft swivel castors
  • Aluminium base ø 70 cm
  • Provided with a hinged leg support
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Medical Line

The Score Medical Line is specially developed for use in hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctor or physiotherapy practices, etc. The Medical Line is usually equipped with special arm and back rests. All models can be provided with a foot-controlled height adjustment for situations where the hands have to be kept free for sterility reasons. For the upholstery you can choose e.g. Stamskin with its antibacterial properties; it is watertight, urine proof, resistant to flame. The 6200 range has a round 40 cm seat, while the 6300 range has an ergoshape seat with cut-outs which allow you to reduce pressure points on the upper legs.

Options and extensions

Standard model and adjustments

Fixed seat angle
Suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft Swivel castors
ø 50 mm
Leatherette resembles natural leather, and feels like that. The leatherette of Score is a PVC coated cotton jersey with a microporous structure, which practically does not absorb moisture and is almost impervious.

Gaslift height adjustment
Options without surcharge
Suitable for carpets
Hard Swivel castors
ø 50 mm

Trumpet glides

Aluminium base ∅ 54 cm

Aluminium base ∅ 68 cm
Options with surcharge
The angle of the seat can be adjusted as desired
Adjustable seat angle
Suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft Swivel castors
ø 65 mm
Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded

Black K11
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