Sattle chair Amazone (seamless upholstered)

The Amazone Seamless saddle stool has anatomically shaped saddle that tilts the pelvis and ensures a healthy and relaxed back posture. The advantage of the seamless version is that dirt cant accumulate in the seams. The seat can be upholstered in Stamskin or PUxx, both of which have antibacterial properties. A unique characteristic of PUxx is that it can be cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol and that offers a solution when it comes to workplaces such as the medical field where high demands are placed on hygiene. The Amazone is a narrower version of the Jumper and is available in different heights.

  • Height adjustment 57-76 cm
  • Work surface Height 80-90 cm
  • Smaller version of the Jumper
  • Size seat W 34 cm x D 30 cm
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Medical Saddle Chairs (seamless upholstered saddleseats)

Experience the comfort of a Score saddle chair. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures a healthy back posture, whilst the feet are planted firmly on the floor. The shape of the saddle promotes the natural S curve of the spinal column and thus a less tiring posture. The saddle chair makes it possible to easily move sideways and around your workplace. The Score saddle chair comes in two different forms. The “Jumper” has a wider seat and the “Amazone” a narrower seat. It is also possible to provide the Jumper, Amazone and Jolly with a “Balance” mechanism as accessory. This sophisticated mechanism moves the seat in the direction of the centre of gravity of the user’s upper body when changing posture. The pelvis and the spinal column stay in balance, and pressure points such as the inside of the thighs and the pubic bone are relieved of pressure. The already comfortable saddle seat is thus even better. The seamless upholstered saddle seats are designed for workplaces where hygiene is very important.

Options and extensions

Standard model and adjustments

Fixed seat angle
Suitable for hard floor surfaces
Soft Swivel castors
ø 65 mm

Aluminium base ∅ 54 cm
Hi-Quality medical PVC. Anti-microbial, Fire resistant DIN 53438, Urine-, blood-, sweat-, mould and waterproof. ISO 14001.

Work surface height 80-100 cm
Options without surcharge
Suitable for carpets
Hard Swivel castors
ø 65 mm

Trumpet glides

Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 50 cm

Gaslift height adjustment
Options with surcharge
The adjustable Balance mechanism promotes active sitting. The user moves the weight then
Balance Adjustable
The angle of the seat can be adjusted as desired
Adjustable seat angle
Wielen worden bij belasting van de stoel geremd
Soft castors, brake loaded

Aluminium base ∅ 68 cm

Footring ∅ 45 cm
Free of PVC and Phthalate, 100% waterproof, urine and blood resistant. Antibacterial and antifungal treatment. Oeko-tex certificate. Extremely scratch resistant surface. High comfort because it transports heat easily.
(no sweaty feeling)

Height adjustment by foot

Work surface height 70-85 cm

Work surface height 90-110 cm

Bright green K81

Bright red K87

Orange K93
Turquoise K184
Turquoise K184

Light blue K80

Dark blue K89

Antracite K85
Gray K195

Black K05

Black PU05

Grey PU95

Dark Blue PU89

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